In the rush to do, it’s difficult to find the time to measure outcomes and use that data to improve outcomes. Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) becomes a semi-annual activity full of dropped calls and hours of travel on an unpaved road. Since information gathering is conducted after-the-fact, it is relegated to an exercise to please donors. We lose the opportunity to improve outcomes in real time, refining interventions as projects unfold.

Dare to Innovate’s Mobile M&E Platform, mPacte, solves this costly problem by integrating information-gathering into the operations of implementers and beneficiaries. mPacte’s impact accounting system collects the data needed to evaluate financial performance and social impact, while improving operations with an intuitive, adaptive, mobile accounting platform.


Entrepreneurs and implementers can upload information from feature phones, smartphones and computers, which will sync when they are in range of internet service.


Changes in normal operations will be identified as they unfold, and corrected with targeted training and support.


Data collection and individualized support will become a part of the daily operations for funders, implementers, and beneficiaries. M&E will no longer be something that has to be done, but rather something that we are always doing.


Dare to Innovate was a participant in PayPal’s Small Business Challenge. Over the course of several months, we worked with a team of business experts, product managers and software engineers to develop a working prototype.