Mamadou Aliou Bah

Veterinary innovation

Graduating with a degree in veterinary medicine in 2012, Aliou was lucky to have worked a couple internships, but none led to full-time employment. He entered the Dare to Innovate conference as one of many unemployed Guinean youth. During the conference, Aliou identified a growing demand for quality veterinary care in the surrounding villages and after winning in 2013, created Pita’s first mobile veterinary clinic, which supplies cost-effective treatment to rural posts and provides on-site consultations to herders.

Aliou has a passion for veterinary medicine. He is also driven to improve the socio-economic condition of his hometown to help other young people find meaningful employment. As he explained during the ideation process, “What frustrates me the most is the lack of protein in meals despite the efforts of farmers and students who have mastered their subject and their work [but have not been employed to use it]. This is what my mobile veterinary clinic will address.”

Aliou has evolved not only into a responsible and successful social entrepreneur, but a beacon of change within his community. He received additional funding to expand his business to also include a chicken farm.