Local Ownership

We support the development of African entrepreneurs who build African products for African markets. Our entrepreneurs maintain ownership of their businesses, creating lasting value and development for the region. We bring the West African perspective to global conversations. Our ambition is to pass complete control of all country operations to local managers.


We use leading techniques and new technologies to empower entrepreneurs to create viable business solutions to community challenges. Innovation is a call to action. Whether new to the world or new to a market, the transformational businesses that our entrepreneurs create will show the world the indispensable importance of youth for achieving socio-­economic growth.

Human-­Centered Design

We are indefatigable advocates for the user experience. We seek inspiration from the real people that our innovations will touch. We view technological, infrastructural, and societal constraints as opportunities to design solutions that deliver benefits seamlessly and delightfully. We don’t create in a lab, but in the real world, testing early and often, and celebrating each failure as learning. We are empathetic, ingenious problem solvers striving to make tomorrow’s world better than today’s.

Social Entrepreneurship

Dare to Innovate believes that social enterprises that combine ingenuity with a sound business model are a powerful lever for both catalyzing and sustaining change to address systemic problems.

Cross­-Cultural, Cross-­Sector Collaboration 

Dare to Innovate believes that the collective wisdom of multi-­stakeholder groups can set the direction for an organization better than any expert. We value diversity and leverage cross-­cultural, cross-­sector collaborations to drive innovation and accelerate impact.


Dare to Innovate protects its impact from the uncertainty of donations and grants by striving toward profitability in itself and the businesses it touches.