The Internet and other technologies are shrinking our world, making contact between West Africa and the rest of the planet more immediate and more powerful. Dare to Innovate is leveraging this opportunity.

While the Internet and smartphones are only recently on the rise in Guinea, feature phones (phones with basic internet and video functionality) are widely used as a means for Guinean youth to watch videos and access Facebook. Dare to Innovate recognized the proliferation of feature phones as an opportunity to further its mission of entrepreneurship education.

Through a partnership with the Embassy of the United States of America in Guinea, Dare to Innovate has created a series of instructional videos on entrepreneurship, designed and optimized for viewing and sharing via feature phones. Each module discusses a basic concept in entrepreneurship, following the trajectory of the Youth Entrepreneurship Training Program (YETP) curriculum.

The videos are available in French and several local languages via our mobile site and our French language YouTube playlist.