Imagine a world where young adults in Africa choose to start a business because it is a path to prosperity and not because they have no other options. Imagine African entrepreneurs being able to build their capacity with trainings optimized for their performance. Imagine quality businesses being able to access affordable loans, working capital, and venture financing. This is the future that OZÉ will create.


OZÉ is the business adviser in the pocket of every African entrepreneur. It is a mobile application that collects social and financial transaction data at the point of sale. It analyses the data to create financial statements and asses the health of the business. It then goes a step further; based on the actual performance of the business the entrepreneur is pushed recommendations and tailored mobile training modules to increase their capabilities. OZÉ continues to analyze the data and if the training does not improve performance, the issue is escalated to a business coach for remote 1-on-1 mentoring. Imagine a business intelligence platform + an accountant + an online MBA + an evaluation specialist + a human mentor and you have OZÉ.


Entrepreneurs and implementers can upload information from feature phones, smartphones and computers, which will sync when they are in range of internet service.


Changes in normal operations will be identified as they unfold, and corrected with targeted training and support. By building machine learning into our platform, over time it will become smarter, entrepreneur-level, peer set, and macroeconomic data to predict business problems before they begin to effect operations. 


OZÉ is a part of the entrepreneurial ecosystem, connecting entrepreneurs to risk capital, business services, markets, and each other. 


Dare to Innovate was a participant in PayPal’s Small Business Challenge. Over the course of several months, we worked with a team of business experts, product managers and software engineers to develop a working prototype. We are currently testing the prototype with our entrepreneurs in Guinea and Benin.