Dare to Innovate serves the business needs of West African entrepreneurs, businesses, and impact organizations. With years of experience working in the region and abroad, we are raising the bar for businesses across West Africa. We promise quality innovation and business growth.

For Entrepreneurs

So you have an idea for a business…now what? Dare to Innovate’s coaching and training services can help you turn that idea into a reality. We offer one-on-one coaching and training, and will design the curriculum to meet your needs. All of our methods are based on human-centered design, an innovative approach to entrepreneurship that powers some of the most successful companies in the world. Popular programs include: Building a Business Model, Commercializing an Idea, and Perfecting your Pitch.

We also offer a holistic certification program that grants you membership into the Dare to Innovate network and permission to use the Dare to Innovate seal of approval on your products.


For Small and Medium Businesses

It is common in business to say, “if you are not growing, you are dying”. Today you are a small business, tomorrow you could be a titan of industry. Dare to Innovate offers management consulting services for small and medium companies. You bring us your problems, and we’ll deliver a solution.

Your success is not only tied to good management, but also the skills of your people. Dare to Innovate offers Business Edge training to improve the competencies of your marketing, finance, human resources department and more.

For impact organizations

Dare to Innovate has a legacy of transforming unemployed youth into community leading entrepreneurs in the agribusiness, education, and waste management sectors. Studies have shown that entrepreneurship is the most effective tool for development and together we can unleash the entrepreneurial spirit of youth and raise the quality of life across the continent. We can assist in the design, implementation, and measurement of projects concerning youth, innovation, and entrepreneurship.

Additionally, the mandate for NGOs to drive innovation is increasing. The theory of human-centered design is leading the charge, creating solutions that fit into the lives of beneficiaries in new, seamless ways. We are design-thinking experts who can help you create the next world changing innovation and embed these capabilities into your organization.

All services are currently available in the Republic of Benin and the Republic of Guinea. Select services are available regionally.

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