We empower youth to fight pressing social problems with market-based approaches, providing access to top-level training and mentoring via a human-focused, context-specific curriculum, creating systemic solutions that engage youth in the development of their countries.
— Meghan McCormick, Dare to Innovate


West Africa is a region of great need and limitless possibility. The current system of aid is not working to pull citizens out of poverty fast enough, and development lags behind. Dare to innovate believes in the power of social enterprise to create sustainable solutions to this problem.

Social enterprises measure profit in two ways—the financial gain of shareholders and the social gain for stakeholders—using profit as a tool for lasting social change.

By leveraging social entrepreneurship, young people are empowered to start businesses and lift themselves and others out of poverty, creating employment, generating income, combating social issues and developing their country from the inside-out. We believe that the more a social enterprise gains in profit, the more lives it changes and community problems it solves. As we've seen from the initiatives of our Dare to Innovate Fellows, organizations that link social impact to profit foster the motivation to do good while empowering entrepreneurs to provide for their families and create employment.