Fatoumata Binta Diallo

Nurturing the Future

Fatoumata is a young woman who should be an example for all young women looking to make a difference in their country. She overcame many challenges during the research and development period, and still finished the competition victorious. She was awarded 18,250,000 GNF (≈$2,645) and with these winnings, she worked quickly to open a daycare center. 


The women of Fatoumata’s neighborhood sell at the local market, which is located right on the edge of Conakry’s major highway. It is very difficult for these women to manage their business while keeping a constant eye on their small children who are at risk of being hit by a passing car or truck, getting sick from playing in the piles of trash that pollute the market, or falling into the deep gutters that line the road. At the same time, Fatoumata realized that many children enter school not even knowing their letters, numbers, or how to think creatively, and thus start their educational careers at a disadvantage, which is never overcome. In light of these social problems, Fatoumata decided to launch her daycare promoting creativity and providing security for children.

After less than a month of operations, she already cares for and educates 82 children. She employs two other young women and is looking to expand that number. With the help of AGUIDEP, one of Dare to Innovate's partner organizations in Guinea, she keeps organized management documents. In the course of a few months, Fatoumata went from a young woman, returned from university and discouraged about the opportunities available for her, to a leader in her community and a social entrepreneur able to provide for herself and others.