…a West Africa where entrepreneurs have access to resources, where innovation is the norm, and where youth actively participate in the development of their country. This is the future proposed by Dare to Innovate. 

Dare to Innovate empowers young West Africans to fight pressing social problems with market based solutions using creativity and innovation. Through a network of interconnected initiatives and a human-focused, context-specific curriculum, Dare to Innovate creates systemic solutions to catalyze youth in the fight against unemployment.



Grounded in participative strategic design methodologies, Dare to Innovate believes that the collective wisdom of multi-stakeholder groups can set the direction for an organization better than any expert.

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 human-centered design

We are indefatigable advocates for the user experience. We seek inspiration from the real people that our innovations will touch and affect directly and resonate at the root levels to spark and ignite development. 

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 social entrepreneurship

 A virtuous cycle that connects social impact directly to financial gain. The more a social enterprise gains in profit, the more lives it’s changing for the better and the better it’s solving communities’ problems.

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