Timothée Mora

Feeding the future

The son of a farmer, Timothée spent his youth working the land near Komiguéa in the commune of N'Dali. He developed a love for agriculture and a strong motivation to improve the condition of his community. Because of his education and his nature, he has earned the respect of many in his community and is looked at as a valuable resource for development.

With malnutrition as a perennial problem in the region, Timothée recognizes the potential of soy to increase the amount of protein in peoples' diets. Moreover, vegetal protein sources like soy place less of a burden on natural resources when compared to animal protein sources, making them more sustainable. He looks to increase the production of soy in his region with improved seeds and techniques, as well as though the use of a dam that will allow irrigation, and thus three harvests a year instead of one. He won $800 at the competition in 2015, and with this he purchased a thresher for his community. This will help farmers reduce losses in crop processing and improve the quality of the final product. He also will use the money to prepare his land for the next growing season and purchase improved seeds.