DTI Shortlisted for Pan African Awards for Entrepreneurship in Education



UK-based charity Teach A Man To Fish has announced Dare to Innovate as one of 25 African leaders in enterprise education

In a field of over 400 applicant organizations from around the continent Dare to Innovate has made the Shortlist of the Pan African Awards for Entrepreneurship in Education 2016. The Awards exist as a way to celebrate leading organizations addressing a specific problem through innovation, sustainability and entrepreneurship. 

According to the United Nations Department of Social and Economic Affairs whilst populations across the world are stabilizing in size both Africa and Asia are in the midst of substantial changes in size of their youth populations. By 2030 it is predicted that the number of youth in Africa will have increased by 42%. According to the same report many of these countries experiencing rapid growth amongst their youth are at risk of ever increasing youth unemployment. It is against this backdrop and with empowering young people to be agents of progress and entrepreneurship in mind that the Pan African Awards for Entrepreneurship in Education exists.

The aims of the Awards also include changing the attitudes of young people so that they begin to leave the education system as the job creators of the future rather than job seekers. 
"We are delighted to announce these incredible organizations operating in Africa who are fostering a culture of entrepreneurship among young people. It is important that young people learn early on that they have the power to be leaders in business and job creators of the 21st Century.” – Nik Kafka, CEO of Teach A Man To Fish

Dare to Innovate (DTI) is a youth-led movement to end unemployment in West Africa. We invest in the entrepreneurship ecosystem to ignite social change. DTI challenges youth across West Africa to design and jump-start their own social enterprises, transforming social issues into revenue-generating solutions. 

DTI uses leading techniques and new technologies to empower entrepreneurs to create viable business solutions to community challenges. Whether new to the world or new to a market, the transformational businesses that DTI’s entrepreneurs create will show the world the indispensable importance of youth for achieving socio-­economic growth. A recent World Bank study revealed that funding entrepreneurs is possibly the most efficient type of development intervention. DTI believes youth engagement and employment are integral to a prosperous global future. Dare to Innovate unlocks this potential.

“I love that Dare to Innovate teaches us that people from everywhere, even the developing world, can be their own bosses. And, that you give us financing, because even though it’s small, it gives hope and a way for us to start. Then you stick with us. You come back and keep in touch and support us. It puts tears of happiness in my eyes. Dare to Innovate is an organization that gives a future to young entrepreneurs.” – Amadou “Douris” Barry, Entrepreneur

Dare to Innovate is leading the way in Africa with an innovative and sustainable approach to education. 

Emma Schaberg O’Brien
CMO, Dare to Innovate

About Teach A Man To Fish

Teach A Man To Fish aims to eradicate poverty by providing good quality, low-cost, relevant education to young people in developing countries.  We support schools to establish school-based enterprises - from eggs to grain storage, crafts to a hotel. These enterprises serve both as learning platforms, and as income-generating activities for the school, as students work on the businesses alongside their academic education.  In this way, students learn valuable business and entrepreneurial skills and the school has the ability to raise additional funds in a sustainable way. The student’s involvement in the businesses makes their education more relevant to the workplace and means graduates leave school better prepared to succeed in work, in further education and in life. For more information visit www.teachamantofish.org.uk